750ml Special Quality Tzepao Sanpien Jiu

The Products are produced by the Health Wine Branch of Changyu Co.The Special Quality Lingzi Medicated Liquor are elaborately made by steeping dozens of rare herbs in liquors with harmonious of wine aroma and herb fragrance.They are efficient in prevention and cure of many common diseases and can be said to be the best tonic for health keeping and body strengthening.They are well marketed in Southeast Asia,Hong Kong and Tai Wan.

Constituent: Varieties of Botanical Medicines
Procession technology. Grain distilled liquor
Packing-. 750ml*l2btls
Origin: Yantai Shandong
ABV: 35%

Mean Effect: Nourishing the Mood and giving birth to the essence and invigorating the brain to make up the kidney. Ear physical weakness, neurasthenia, back pain, excessive use of the brain, anemia, dizziness. palpitation forgetfulness, sweating, sweating, chills, insomnia. pale. Qi deficiency decreased food intake.

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