CHANGYU Koya VSOP oak ageing 6 years

CHANGYU Koya VSOP oak ageing 6 years

Variety: Ugni Blanc 100%

Origin:Yantai, China

Alc: 40%(V/V)

Vol: 700ml


Aroma Characteristics: soft flower fragrance

Typical Aroma: preserved fruit, ginger sugar, almond, hazelnut, coffee, fruit cake



In 1914, the first barrel of Koya Brandy came into the market;

In 1915, won Gold medal in Panama World Expo.;

In 1951, Koya Brandy was served on State Banquets;

In 1952-1979, Koya continued to hold a post as National Famous Brandies for three sessions;

In 1954, Koya Brandy was served for diplomatic matters; In 2004, won Special Gold Prize in International Wine and Spirit Conference;

In 2009, Koya Brandy became the Asia’s No.1 Brandy;

In 2015, Koya Brandy won Gold Prize in Brussels International Wine Judgment Competition;

In 2017-2018, Koya Brandy won plenty of grand award in quality and packaging;

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