What will you prices be?

We could supply to our esteem cooperator with a price list which including most of our recommended products as reference.Different customers will enjoy different favoured policies.

What will the MMQ be?

The minimum quantity is usually no less than 2000 bottles per shipment. We could make a concession for new cooperator.

How could our products reach to customers?

We could ship our products to customer By sea,air,land or combined transshipment as customers favour.

What kind of payment methods will you make?

We accept T/T L/C.

What is the products warranty?

If you find any problems when the products are shipped to the destination port, we could make refunds to you according to the report from the official third party test institute.

How about the sea freight charges?

You will get the original invoice from the shipping company which is open to our customer. We get to cooperate with our logistics agent for more than thirty years which will guarantee you take a reasonable cost. Customers also have the right to choose agents according to their cases.

When will the loading date be?

The loading date will be around 30 working days after customer make the payment.

How could customer get the clearing documents?

We will issue the clearing documents according to customers requests which need to be make clear before shipment.



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