Yantai Guniang- Premium Level

Shandong Yantai Brewing Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1930. Founder Lin Shaoting ,with a cavity blood development of Jiaodong wine business borrowed $13000 dollar with purchasing the most advanced brewing equipment, established the first liquor factory in Jiaodong - Bohai Yantai wine pot, which is the predecessor of limited company. In 1945, with the liberation of Yantai, Bohai pot was handled by the people’s government, becoming the first batch of Yantai state-owned enterprises, named as Zhentai winery. In 1949,it was renamed as Yantai general Zhentai winery, under the jurisdiction of Yantai, Weihai, Ya tou Xia, Cun Ge, Zanggezhuang,5 wineries. In 1950, the Yantai general distillery was revoked, and the Yantai distillery was merged with the Yantai rice wine factory, and the Yantai brewery was established. In 1998, Yantai brewing joined Changyu  group. In 2004, Yantai brewery and Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Company Liquan wine company merge, restructuring Limited by Share Ltd. Enterprise was renamed as Shandong Yantai Brewery Co. ltd.. During more than 80years, Shandong Yantai Brewery Co., Ltd. has developed into a fixed assets of 180 million yuan, more than 400 employees, with an annual output of 6000 tons of liquor, tax more than 40 million yuan of the modern enterprise. The company production ,Yantai Guniang and The first ancient brewing cellar of Jiaodong, two series with hundred of varieties have been best sold abroad . Shandong Yantai Brewing Co.,Ltd. has become the liquor industry leading enterprises in Yantai.

Shandong Yantai Distillery was established in 1930,its annual output is 15 thousand tons nowadays. The main product is named “Yantai GuNiang” series,which is brewed from pure grain of selected sorghum, by the chines traditional way and modern scientific technique . It is sold well in domestic market and exported to South Korea, Malaysia,HongKong and some other Asian countries.

YANTAI GUNIANG series liquor is a pure grain liquor made from high quality sorghum as raw material, adhering to traditional liquor-making technology, combining with modern technology, through solid-state fermentation, distillation, storage and aging. Its liquor is clear and transparent, full-bodied, mellow and sweet, with a long aftertaste. Well sold in China ,Vietnam and Korea etc.

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